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Conversion From S5 to S7 Systems

When the world is continuously upgrading and when times are swiftly moving it is also necessary to convert the systems to compete with the current competing times. Assuming that the reader knows briefly about S5 systems and the migration of the system to S7 from S5 is a good idea and as that will be more convenient in terms of availability and also the functionality. As the S5 system is the older model and it is difficult to find its spare module due to a break-off in its production and also SIMATIC S5 modules are not consistent in comparison to S7. Another reason for migrating to S7 is that it improves system performance too.

Let us now explore the strategies of system conversion:

1. Migration of I/O systems

It is important to know the details of the existing S5 IO Systems and whether it’s centralised I/O systems or the new addition of remote I/O requirements of I/O systems.

Select the ET200 I/O that corresponds to the application requirements. When I/O migrates from S5 to S7 then choosing ET/200 is thought as a smart choice as it can reduce panel space and minimising field-wiring too due to the latest technology. For using ET200, one need to make sure that :

(a) Does the main rack has space for an IM 308C card?

(b) Be clear for your want, do you want to convert the entire S5 I/O or keeping the S5 I/O system and add a new S7 I/O.

(c) Which ET200 I/O can communicate with your application requirement?

The next step is to plan in the right direction for your project. When planning for the conversion it is important to have :

  1. Right tool - While configuring I/O systems,

  2. Which ET200 hardware to choose upon

  3. Requirement of changing codes

  4. Having its documents.

Once the planning stage is over, then the next stage comes the implementation. Here it is important to choose the right execution method. Also, take the backup from the existing S5 system through S5 Programming PG. and then convert the program from S5 to S7 in SIMATIC manager software. The conversion of the program needs to done and then the checking process put through for an error free process. Thereafter download the S5 to S7 conversion codes in the PLC program. Simultaneously it is important to document the code. Then the testing process takes place and thereafter the process is successful.

2. Migration of CPU

One of the thing to migrate is to check if your system memory is inadequate then it means that one needs to migrate from S5 to S7. Also, the Programming of S7 is with the latest technologies and it is advantageous to work with a well compatible programming control system.

S7 is split into 5 parts namely - S7 -200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 and S7-1500. Where S7-200 consists of a micro PLC so its utilization is for lowered end application too and it is also budget-friendly. S7-300 and S7-400 come with a modular mini controller for mid-range applications. S7-400 is for high-end applications. S7-1200 and S7-1500 both are the latest controllers from Siemens where S7-1200 is for lower-end and S7-1500 is for high-end applications which are part of TIA. It is essential to select the right S7 CPU as per your requirement. To select the right CPU one must choose a good memory size to meet upcoming expansions.

3. Migration to TIA

TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) is a mixture of both S5 and S7 technologies. While installing the new system, applying this application is better as it is the most latest technology and also to update older installation TIA is used. Thus it is smart to migrate to TIA and compete with the updated technologies to result in great output.

The above-mentioned details will give a clear picture of why to migrate and when to migrate from S5 to S7 systems. Engineers at TAPL (Technotude Automations Private Limited) are brilliant and have knowledge of both the systems, as it is necessary to know both S5 and S7 systems for a successful migration. Thus due to this, the TAPL engineers are capable of providing a trouble-free service and can also easily guide through the process to make it a simple process. TAPL aims at customer satisfaction and thus provides the solution as per the need and as per the budget too. Thus for hassle-free solutions, contact us at

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